bedtime reading

i have put together the following list of some of the papers i found useful, informative or just interesting during the development of the robot project. they come from a variety of sites, and range from the anecdotal to the analytical and mathematical:

i also started to write a paper myself, on the design and implementation of the robot. i explain how i wrote the software, what problems i found and how i solved them, the maths and reasoning behind the project and so on. i don't know whether or when to release it, since it would certainly make it easier for someone else to duplicate my program, although i believe that anyone capable and motivated enough would not need the information anyway. i'll decide what to do once it's finished.

and, i've now put some more capital into the robot's account and i'm running it 24x7 so i'm hoping that it should show some good results over the next few days...

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