the importance of qa!

it's not always plain sailing, running a software robot that trades on internet exchanges - there's a lot of variance/volatility in your minute-by-minute earnings, and sometimes it can make you very nervous. it doesn't matter how much i've proved to myself that mathematically i'm sure to make money in the long run - a 75% drop in your bank balance is quite a shock to any belief in statistics. having said that, i'm not all-in with this game yet - still just using my initial GBP 250.00 stake money, but this is the first time in a few weeks that the level has gone below 'break even', and it was up at GBP 1000.00 at one point.

so, i've been busy changing the logic and money management heuristics today, and i think i'll need to sit down with my fellow cabal member and discuss strategy in depth before putting more of my hard earned dollars at risk! maybe a look at the kelly criterion would be useful?

it's not easy money, you know, or everyone would be doing it...

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