migration - new and improved

i've decided to change my weblog provider. the blog is now hosted by Blogger, a Google subsidiary, instead of livejournal. Blogger has a bit more of a 'serious' reputation than LJ (it doesn't keep asking about how i'm feeling, like an insecure teenage girl in the middle of a relationship crisis, for instance!) the customisation options also seem a lot better, and it has full API access via an Atom XML-RPC / HTTP interface.

the templates for page design are also much more flexible - the CSS / HTML is fully editable and i'm still tweaking the layout options. so far i'm very impressed with the functionality and customisation options. i expect to produce the same high quality random text that i always have, but with better fonts and prettier design.update your bookmarks for consonants to this URL: http://grkvlt.blogspot.com

i'll be continuing the development environment article here in the next few days...

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