sun fire link roundup

here area few links that will be of interest to sun fire t2000 owners and users. first off, the sun fire fan site, which is a community of people who are participating in the try'n'buy performance evaluation program. i found this from the feh v2 blog run by the same person. several people have already looked at the crypto accelerator performance, as an https accelerator and here are raw numbers on openssl performance. several sun blogs deal with the t2000 including this one on database scalability. finally, here is some good information on throughput benchmarking with some useful graphs..

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Filip de Waard said...

Nice! I just found your weblog through ufdi.net (I'm proud to be a fellow member) and noticed your post about the Sun Fire T2000 server. I've just received my own Sun Fire T2000 server (click the link for the article and some snapshots) and I'm warming up for an extensive review. In the article I'm requesting readers to post their ideas and suggestions for the review. If you have any, please let me know through a comment below the Sun Fire T2000 article!